How to have a smooth skin?

You have to treat your body well in order to have a great skin.Give your body extra attention and protect your skin from sun and dehydration.That the most important things in having a great skin beside the basic steps of cleansing, toning, moisturize and nourishing which should be already in your daily routine Don`t just shower and go.Luxuriate in full bath and body routine,which include exfoliating and lathering on a moisturiser-boosting lotion. Give your body a spa if you have time and of course money to spend. Try use aromatherapy.Aromatherapy can aid in boosting immune, respiratory, circulatory systems .When your internal body is inn good shape so will the eternal,which is your skin. Apart from it ,make sure that you have a good quality sleep,which helps the body make repairs, healthy diet and don`t forget to exercise.Invest in a good multivitamin and drink lots of water. All this will contribute to a healthy smooth skin.


waliz said...

this sound easy...thanks for the tips...:D