Myth of acne

Myth of acne Acne is a treatable condition.There is no need to wait for skin to to clear up on its own.The longer you wait,the more likely your chances are of permanent scarring.If the treatment you`re trying is`t working,it may be time to see a dermatologist Myth:Sunlight will improve acne Sun exposure dries out your existing acne ,but it does not stop new ones from forming.Sun may actually worsen the acne.Some acne medication such as tetracycline and retinoids can cause your skin to become super-sensitive to sun,leading to sunburns.Use a sunscreen with SPF15 or higher to protect your skin Myth;I Should`t eat chocolate and oily food like fast food Chocolate and fast food DO NOT cause.But overeating of chocolate and fast food can cause us to gain weight Myth :Sexual activities can cause acne Fact:Your body will go through hormonal changes ,upon reaching puberty.This will lead to the development and maturation of your bodily features.These changes can lead to acne.NOT sexual activities.