Skin Care With Green Tea May Make You Look Younger

There’s nothing like celebrity endorsement to popularize a product: Oprah recently re-aired her 2004 show about green tea and its effects on weight loss and it’s all over the news. No doubt, there will be a rush on green tea immediately. However, in addition to being beneficial for other health concerns, green tea is also excellent for skin care. Here are a few ways you can put it to good use.- Get rid of those puffy eyes: Green tea contains an anti-inflammatory that reduces fluid build up around the eyes. Those fluids are often a major reason for sags and bags. To reduce the puffiness, brew two bags of green tea, let it cool, place the tea bags on your eyes and relax for 10 minutes. Higher quality green teas contain higher amounts of the anti-inflammatory, so don’t settle for the inexpensive brands at a regular grocery store. - Tone your skin: To close the pores and tighten things up overall, brew about 2 teaspoons of green tea in a ½ cup of filtered water, strain out the tea leaves and pour the tea into a mister. You can spray it during your regular morning or evening skin care routine, and spritz throughout the day. You don’t have to wash it off. - Protect your skin from sun damage: While green tea doesn’t block UV rays, it does fight the excess free radical production caused by sun exposure. In fact, many natural sun blocks now contain green tea. Check for them at your local health food store. To reduce the possibility of a negative reaction between the green tea and other ingredients, choose a sun block with a zinc oxide-base. - Slow down the aging process. As free radicals and inflammation are major factors in aging, anything you can use to reduce them will help, including green tea. However, to be fully protected you also need to prevent the excessive radical production caused by environmental pollutants. Your best skin care product for that is a shielding lotion. Now recommended by thousands of doctors, a good shielding lotion bonds with the outer layer of the skin to form a new protective layer that keeps out chemicals. Green tea has been used around the world for a variety of ills for centuries, including natural skin care. Don’t wait for celebrity endorsement to give it a try, you could see some immediate and surprising results - but don’t forget the shielding lotion, chemicals and pollutants are your skin’s worst enemy! About the author:Author, Gloria MacTaggart, is an expert author on skin care solutions and contributes articles on skin care for 21st Century Formulations. For more information, please visit Article Source:

The Top 7 Age Defying Beauty Secrets

Now with today’s scientific breakthroughs and discoveries you can defy the signs of aging and look great at any age. Whether you want to correct years of sun damage or you want to prevent wrinkles before they start these seven age defying techniques will give you the ability to stop the aging process dead in it’s tracks, protect and repair your skin and promote younger healthier skin. Avoid Direct Sunlight – Research indicates that about 90% of skin changes that begin in your 30’s and 40’s stem directly from the cumulative effects of exposure to the sun’s UV radiation. Prolong exposure to the sun at any age can increase your risk of skin cancer. To protect your skin from sun damage , avoid prolong exposure to the sun between 10 a.m. and 3p.m. when UV rays are the strongest , apply a sunscreen with a SPF 30 or above on all expose skin 20 minutes before going outdoors even if it is a overcast day. UV rays can penetrate clouds and harm unprotected skin. Don’t Smoke – Smoking ages the appearance of your skin and cause premature wrinkles. The chemicals inhaled from cigarette smoke constrict tiny blood vessels in the skin, reducing the oxygen and nutrient supply to delicate facial tissues. Blood vessel constriction lasts at least an hour after a cigarette has been extinguished. Nourish Your Skin From The Inside – Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Eat a balance healthy diet. Take antioxidants and vitamins such as green tea, soy, vitamins A, B, C and E all of which are excellent for creating healthy younger skin. Be Smart About Your Skin Care Products – There truly are amazing skin care products on the market today that can defy the signs of aging, repair and protect your skin. However not all skin care products are created equally. Did you know that a vitamin C product that contains concentrations of less then 5 % is ineffective, or that a topical product that contains collagen won’t increase the collagen in your skin because it’s molecules are simply too large to penetrate the skin. To receive the full benefits of today’s technology and breakthroughs it is essential to become a smart consumer and reach the best products and the most beneficial ingredients that are available. Don’t Over Exfoliate – Exfoliation is one of the best renewal processes for your skin. It helps to shed the top layer of dead skin cells, unclog pores, makes skin more receptive to moisturizer and improves the look and feel of your skin. However dermatologists’ caution that the over use of exfoliating products can leave the skin dry, red, irritated and more vulnerable to sun damage. You should not use exfoliating products such as AHA products, micro-dermabrasion treatments or facial scrubs more then twice a week. Before Going To Bed Use An Antioxidant & Vitamin Enriched Moisturizer – Research has confirmed that our skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients from skin care products is greatest at night. This makes bed time the best time to topical nourish your skin with antioxidants and vitamins. Use Cosmetics Fortified With Vitamins & Antioxidants – Cosmetics formulated with vitamins and antioxidants have been found to have therapeutic benefits for your skin and to aid in the promotion healthier skin. Eileen Hammel is a Nationally Internationally recognized Image Style and Beauty Expert with over 20 years experience in the image and beauty industry.Ms. Hammel is President of Smarter Image a leader in the image industry and one of the nations the most diversified Image consulting companies as well has President of Smart Skin Care - Smart Cosmetics by Smarter Image.

Tips On How To Choose The Best Acne Products And Treatments

By: Angela Neo One of the top acne treatments is to have a skin care treatment system. You will be able to see best results if you use the best acne products consistently. While there is no single one cause of acne, it is generally caused by the overproduction of sebum that clogged the skin pores. So the first step is to reduce excess sebum production, followed by unclogging the pores. However, it is important to use the right products for your acne treatment. If you have sensitive acne prone skin, you may want to use a milder, natural based acne skin care. You would need to know what your skin type is before you can choose the right product. Try out the products for a few months to see its effectiveness. You can try using salicylic acid based products to unclog the pores and get rid of dead skin cells. It also helps in healthy skin regeneration. To get the best results in your acne treatment, it is recommended to use both an internal and external treatment. An internal treatment can remove harmful toxins from your body and kill acne causing bacteria. There are a few top acne treatments that offer a complete system that includes both topical and internal application. Of these, the best acne product for internal usage is Acnezine while ClearPores is best for overall acne treatment. While it is important to get rid of existing acne, you should also look into preventive measures to keep you skin acne free. Diet can have an effect on your skin as well. To keep your skin blemish free and healthy, watch your diet and and drink lots of water. Article Source: Are you looking for best acne products that actually work? For reviews on Best Acne Products that are safe and effective, CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE