Causes of acne

Gender Boys tend to develop acne and have more serious cases than girls Personal hygiene Using strong soaps,hard scrubbing and picking of pimple will only serve to irritate your skin,and worsen inflammation. inflammation Stress Emotional stress can cause acne breakout .A-Z of stress management

Disease and Drug may Cause acne

Disease Hormonal disorders can especially affect the severity of acne in Girls. Drugs. The usage of certain drugs,such as tranquilizers,antibiotics,oral contraceptives and anabolic steroids can cause acne to develop.Some hormonal medications that have effect like increase oil production may aggravate acne,because of the excessive oil blocking the pores.

Cosmetic causes acne

Cosmetic Make-up ,no matter how thin the layer,block the pores.So do hair sprays.They also both contain oils that make acne worse.If you have acne,you might want to use sunscreen and moisturizers instead.Look out for label that read "non-acnegenic" and "non-comedogenic" for more compatible products. Sportswear Hats,helmets and pads used in sports may also cause acne, because of humidity,sweating and the prolonged effect of contact with damp clothing

What causes acne?

Puberty Sex hormones that begin to increase in teens (rather than children) cause them to more likely to develop acne Heredity Acne can be more commmonly found in some families Hormonal changes Acne cam become extremely severe during menstruation,pregnancy and menopause -Stress ot work or at home acne ways to manage stress Blockage of the skin pores Oily skin produce overactive oil gland and also overproduces oil Oil normally flows from the oil gland to reach the skin surface.Acne developed when pores are blocked by this "overproduce oil". Lack of sleep, inproper skin care and inflamation can also cause acne