White out Step by Step (step 4)

4) Moisture If yours Has an SPF built into it skip sunblock. Otherwise, use a Sunblock with at least SPF15 after this step.For night time,Use a cream design for night wear.Remember skin pigmentation takes place even at night,so using a whitening product to counteract this while you sleep is essential

White out Step by step (step 3)

3)Treatment Next come the whitening essence and spot corrector(if you need one).Start with the essence.Spread it all over your face then follow with the spot corrector Apply tiny bit on dark spots,freckles or uneven patches and lightly blen intil it is fully absorbed into the skin.Do this twice a day.

White Out Step by step (step 2)

2) Mask A mask should only be used once a week (on normal days,go on to the next step) Whether you use a sheet mask or a slather-on version,leave it on for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing.Mask not only dramatically lighten skin ,but also help whitening moisturiser and serum work more effectively.

White Out step by step (step1)

1)Cleanse and tone Start by washing your face with the cleanser from a whitening range.YOu may think any cleanser works the same,but there are reasons why a whitening range includes one.It works in synergy with the others to prep skin for better absorption and penetration of the more intensive potions,which you will later apply on the skin.Follow by toning skin using a cotton ball. Do this twice daily.


There`s nothing like sunshine to get you going,but there`s also like nothing to promote those dreaded brown spots!Skin produces melanin upon contact with sun,so that `s how your skin darkens.But that`s not the only damage it does.UV also distrupt the skin`s metabolismrate,which mean that melanin remains on your skin for longer than necessary-resulting in dull, dark skin.Remember that every minutes you spen under the sun has its repercussions-you may not see now ,but the damage accumulates!You`ll only see pigmentation appear later when it is too late! So protect your skinfrom UVA and UVB rays now by using a sun protectant daily-even if you are giong as far as your front gate!

Spot Corrector

If you`ve a fairly even-toned complexion,then you may not need a spot corrector.But if you have freckles,dark spots and brown patches,you need one!Spot corrector contain powerful concentrated whitening ingredients that target problem areas and should be used only on trouble spots.Use it twice a day, as parts of the whitening regime.


Mulberry- This herbal plant extract is comparable to kojic acid as it also works on inhibiting tryosinase Retinol-or Vitamin A,helps to renew and exfoliate the skin, giving way to a lighter complexion. Vitamin C- hepls to prevent and reduce the apperarance of dark spot and lighens the complexion

What to look for in a Whitening ingredient

Hydroquinone-Commonly used (in tiny quantities) to treat ance spot ,freckles,age spots and other unwanted area of melanin hyperpigmentation.It reverses depigmentation of the skin by inhibiting melanin production. Octyl-p-methoxycinnamate-This ingredient is a sunsreen.It absorbs UV light very well,preventing the UV rays from darkening your skin. Arbutin-Protects the skin against damaged caused by free radicals while inhibiting the formationof melanin pigmentation


For the best result for your whitening regime,look for some of the following ingredient. Kojic Acid-Used to lighen skin.It is a tyrosinase inhibitor,which reduce the production of melanin,the cause if skin darkening. Licorice Extract-Absorbs UVa and UVB rays.It is also a de-pigmentation agent and inhibits the production of melanin. Aleo vera- This absorbs UV light,which would account for its mild skin lightening abilities