Insomnia- Natural Aids

Melatonin It is a natural and produced by our body.Melatonin might induce sleep patterns comparable to prescriptive medication.Studies have found melatonin to be beneficial for jet lag and sleeping disorders caused by depression anxiety narcolepsy etc.Compared to medications ,melatonin has fewer adverse effects.A dose of 2.5-5mg can actually shorten time to fall asleep while 1-3mg can usually revolve sudden awakenings.Melatonin is best avoided with the use of blood pressure medications,sleeping tablets and stimulants.Patience suffering from liver impairment, brain disorders,psychiatric problem and nerve dysfunction should avoid this supplement


Shine said...

Yes, this is very true, also adding to this Vitamin B would help, I have heard about Melatonine and it is working for a lot of people adding the right diet too, and drinking less caffeine :), Great post.

Anonymous said...

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