beauty measurement

have you ever feel jealous of someone or even your friend cause she seem to be perfectly beautiful and can take eyes of her(even though you are straight)? Don`t be jealous cause theres trick that you can use to make yourself beautiful. Faces were judged as most attractive when the distance between the eyes was 46 percent of the face’s width and when the distance from eyes to mouth was 36 percent of the face’s length, according to the study published in the most recent issue of the journal Vision Research. So you want to be beautiful, do some makeup like using eyeliner to make the distance between your the eyes the same percentage as written above. Beside using makeup to make you beautiful, you also have to make sure that you have a smooth skin to start with.No point of doing thick makeup to cover your face that is full of acne .It will look really unnatural and not beautiful. Having Confidence also add up to being beautiful cost it will show from inside out. It is really easy for others to see if the confidence you have is real or you are just pretending. So get too know yourself better and search to things or event that will make you confident. Exercise and healthy diet is important to look and feel beautiful.You are what you eat and Exercise will improve blood circulation and you will feel more positive.Having a better body resulted by the exercise will increase your confidence level too. Hair and clothing will also impact on how other look on you.Having a beautiful face but wearing sloppy clothes and crazy hair will not make people noice you as beautiful Last but not least remember average is the key. Do not over do it.otherwise it will look really fake.

botox for $15

beauty treatment are now more affordable that more young and younger people turn to it now. now the trend it that young girl went to threatment as it seem as its a social occasion for them.Going in with their group of friends and doing treatment, with thier lappy and after that went to eat or watch cinema. it no wonder that you can get a botox injection for simply $15,