Nine Anti-aging Tips To Stay Younger Longer

Can’t figure out where to start to improve the quality of your lifestyle? Here are some simple things to help get started. If you can follow the suggestions for a month, you will be well on your way to reducing belly fat AND establishing an anti-aging lifestyle. It’s not difficult – if you really want to do it. Remember, these are baby steps, but you have to start some place. 1. Check your fridge. If you use butter, you can use less by diluting it half-and-half with olive oil. Let a bar of butter soften to room temperature. Beat it smooth and gradually beat in an equal amount of olive oil. It will be runny but will set up to a soft spread in the fridge. 2. Rethink the mayo. If you can’t live without it, make your own with olive oil. Then you will really have something worthwhile to spread on bread or to make a salad. 3. If you eat peanut butter, buy Smart Balance peanut butter for it’s omega- 3 content. If you are not taking an omega-3 supplement, you should. 4. Keep a gallon bottle of water on the kitchen counter or at work. Drink at least half of it every day. Having it in plain sight will help you drink more of it. 5. Check your pantry. Don’t restock chips, cookies, soda, toaster pastries, sugary breakfast “cereals” (a misnomer if ever there was one!) It’s just as quick and easy to scramble a couple of eggs for breakfast as it is to wait for a pastry to toast. I know how tough it is to get rid of the nutritionally bankrupt junk, so do it in small steps if you can’t do it cold turkey. 6. Substitute whole grain bread for white bread. Beware of “wheat” bread – it’s probably not whole wheat. If possible, go to a whole foods market and get some real whole wheat bread. In my area, I can buy incredibly good whole grain bread from Alvarado Street Bakery. You can buy it online, and if you do, put it in the freezer the minute it arrives. Because it’s “live” and preservative free, it will get moldy very quickly if you leave it out. I particularly enjoy the Alvarado sprouted whole grain bread. 7. Having a whole foods market nearby makes it easy to cut down on processed food. If you make a trip a couple of times a week you can get all the super-fresh veggies and fruit you will need to provide a healthier diet for your family. For protein, focus on chicken – preferably baked or roasted. I use a lot of ground turkey – you can prepare it so many ways. If you work and are pressed for time, many whole foods markets offer excellent take out. It may cost more but it's usually worth it. You will notice I did not mention fish. I rarely buy fish because it’s so difficult to get good fish. If I can’t get wild salmon or other fish that hasn’t been farm raised, I don’t bother. I would never eat shrimp because it causes too many intestinal problems. There is another way to get the benefits of eating fish – in fish oil capsules. True, you run the risk of contamination there as well. But I think I’d rather opt for the capsules than supermarket fish that looks like it’s seen better days, and probably has. 8. Skip fried anything as much as possible. And you certainly won’t need your deep fat fryer anymore, so throw it away. (Well okay, give it away. But you won’t be doing anyone a favor.) 9. If you are an emotional eater, eat unbuttered popcorn or dry roasted nuts, such as almonds or cashews. You can flavor popcorn with garlic salt or any seasoning of your choice. Or try spritzing on garlic flavored olive oil. Drink green tea to wash it down. Most commercial green teas are bitter or tasteless but I have found some very tasty teas at Clipper teas. This should be more than enough to help you start to live a healthier, anti-aging lifestyle. Start with at least one step and add others as you develop a system you will stick with. About The Author Barbara Morris is a pharmacist and author of Put Old on Hold. Visit her website at and sign up for her content-rich newsletter and receive a complimentary copy of "Thirteen Diva Tested Tips for Fabulous Skin

Say 'No' To Aging - Anti Aging Secrets

We all have seen our grandparents and parents grow old and most of us protest against the idea of aging in the same ways they did. In fact, we look for safer, more convenient and medically sound way to live longer, empower ourselves, and remain healthy throughout life. We may refer to it as 'quality longevity.' The everyday choices that we make have a greater impact on us than genetics, which account for only one-third of what determines our health as we age. Hence, the quality of life is very much in our hands. Empowering ourselves for the future requires learning new skills as well as honing the ones we already have. Try some of these strategies to live longer, feel and look younger. Sharpen your mind: A sharp mind helps in staying fit. We're more inclined to have good relationships, eat well and live a healthy lifestyle with a sharper mind. Doing mental aerobics can improve memory and lower your risk for Alzheimer's disease. A recent study found that when we keep our minds active, brain efficiency increases dramatically, even after just a few weeks. Try different approaches to expanding your mental horizons, whether it's travelling to new destinations, learning a musical instrument, or going back to school. Stay mentally active through puzzles, games, reading and other stimulating hobbies, but be sure to train and not strain your brain. Cultivate healthy relationships: Socially connected people have longer life expectancies than isolated individuals. Cultivate intimacy with your partner since good sex makes for a longer life. Not only does it bring people closer together, it lowers blood pressure, reduces pain, promotes restful sleep and boosts the immune system so we are better able to fight off infections. Our ability to understand another person's emotional viewpoint and to express that understanding is the social glue that keeps us together. Reduce stress: We can't completely eliminate stress from our lives, but we can learn healthier responses to it. We all can try to minimise stress to live longer and better. You can do it in many ways. Like control clutter in your home. Get more realistic about how much you take on each day. Try eliminating just a few items from your to-do list. Regular meditation reduces stress and also boosts the immune system. Empower yourself with the word 'no.' Think positive: Optimists have a greater life expectancy than pessimists. Make an effort to see the cup half-full. Recent studies show that we can learn optimism when we set our minds to it. Discover your spiritual life. Attending a house of worship once a week is associated with a seven-year-longer survival compared with never attending. Take care of your needs. Satisfied people are twice as likely to survive compared with dissatisfied individuals. Manage your environment: Our environment has a big influence on how we feel and how long we live. Whether it's traffic, noise, or other aspects of the environment at large, or more personal environmental issues such as aesthetics or bedroom temperature, our 'quality longevity' requires that we not only adapt to these influences but learn to shape them to meet our individual tastes and needs. Bear in mind function and aesthetics when designing your home and workspace. Manage your technology to avoid information overload. About The Author Michael Douglas is a beauty expert and the webmaster of which investigates all aspects of aging - from psychology to make-up.

Anti Aging ~ The Biggest Cause Of Facial Wrinkles

Repeated, unconscious muscular contractions. Our face is a very expressive place and there are many minute muscular contractions taking place all the time. However, with the increased levels of stress we experience in today's fast-paced environment, we find that there are many unnecessary and unconscious contractions taking place. Often we will be wearing a faint scowl with the corresponding creases between the eyebrows without even realising it. Squinting slightly also produces contractions which encourage the permanent development of those lines at the corners of our eyes and pursed lips do the same for lines around the mouth area. We understand the value of relaxing the larger muscle groups of our body by either getting a massage, doing some yoga or having a relaxing evening with our close friends and a glass or two of wine, but do we ever consider how to relax our facial muscle groups? Up until recently it hasn't been possible to do this, but now with the development of Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 this has become an increasingly popular option. Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 works by reducing the reaction of cells to stress hormones, thereby relaxing muscles and allowing fewer wrinkles to be created by unconscious muscular contractions. It's important to note that it DOES NOT paralyse muscles in the same way that botox (a potent toxic poison) does. Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 is completely safe to use and is applied as a topical application (gel, sera, lotion, cream, etc). This ingredient alone has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by an incredible 27% over a 30 day period. As a first step in countering the signs of aging it's difficult to beat, and as part of an holistic approach it delivers very impressive results. Be sure to keep an eye open for this ingredient, you're sure to be seeing more and more companies using this technology. Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 is a unique new peptide that both reduces the degree of existing facial wrinkles and has been demonstrated effective against their development. Controlled studies have also demonstrated that facial wrinkle depth can be reduced, especially in the forehead and around the eyes, and that Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 can prevent apparent facial skin aging. Controlled studies have also demonstrated that facial wrinkle depth can be reduced, especially in the forehead and around the eyes, and that Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 can prevent apparent facial skin aging. Skin topographic analysis performed on healthy female volunteers confirmed the validation of the proposed biochemical mechanism of action. Copyright 2006 Sezeur Skincare About The Author Steve Whitehead is the Managing Director of Sezeur Skincare ( ) and has seen it grow from just an idea to a company with clients across the world who are absolutely thrilled with the results of Sezeur's leading product, Créme de Jeunesse.

Wrinkle Treatment With Chemical Face Peels: Their Side Effects And Benefits

Ask any women and they'll tell you that when they look great they feel great. And so even though beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder it is important to us individually. And chemical peels are certainly beneficial even with their few side effects. Our skin is our largest organ and year after year it's exposed to all of the elements. The sun is especially responsible for damage to our skin. And if we're being honest most of us haven't given it all the attention it deserves. It's no wonder that over the years we develop age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. In this article, let's look at the benefits and side effect sof beauty chemical peels. So what can chemical peels do for me? There are many over the counter skin care products as well as treatments for minor skin problems but if we have more serious issues such as acne, scaring, pigmentation, and aging problems it's best to see a dermatologist or esthetician and see which type of chemical peel can give you the most benefits. There are many over the counter skin care products as well as treatments for minor skin problems but if we have more serious issues such as acne, scaring, pigmentation, and aging problems it's best to see a dermatologist or esthetician and see which type of chemical peel can give you the most benefits. Chemical peels work by removing layers of skin. AHA peels remove only the top layer, TCA peels go deeper, and phenol or other peels can go really deep. Which type of chemical peel is right for you will depend on what skin problems you are dealing with. But one thing is for sure - all chemical peels leave the skin looking fresh, younger, vibrant, and over healthier. Tricholoracetri peels or TCA peels are the most common type of peel. They are a good choice for many skin problems obtaining a deeper penetration than AHA peels. More effective than AHA but fewer side effects than deeper phenol masks. The downside of chemical peels Like any cosmetic procedure, chemical peels may have negative side effects and involve an element of risk. Your skin will most likely be very tight for some time afterwards and may even sting and appear to be red. These effects are usual quite mild, but can be extreme in some cases. The more superficial the peel, the less risk is attached to it. The side effects of a superficial peel often last only a few days. However, some individuals may experience hyperpigmentation, or changes to the look and coloring of the skin afterwards. If you have a deep peel then it may actually inhibit the skin's pigmenting ability. In terms of the benefits and advantages of a chemical peel, the negative effects are simply minor irritations. A dermatologist will be able to assess your wants and needs and recommend the best chemical peel for you. Regardless of whether you have acne or cancer, chemical peels can really boost the health of your skin. However, you should always weight up the positive and the negatives for yourself before deciding on exactly what you want and need. Just make sure that you get a professional opinion before you make your final decision! About The Author Want to find the best wrinkle creams that work? Find out in Marcus Ryan's review site of wrinkle creams at plus get free samples o these top rated anti aging creams to see the results for yourself!