Everyone like to look young,nobody want to look old.even if they are 50 years old, people wnat to look young.There a lot of method to look young such as latest botox and also taking care of youself from an early age. If one use medical treatment to look young its just no big deal and nothing to be proud of, but if one take care of herself and still look young even at old age,she should be proud of herself.Especially nowaday we are busy and lot of thing that can make we aged easily such as pollution and fast food. Being active in life also make ones look younger and have a healthy heart.There are many ways to be health.What matter is we have treasure ourself and take care of ourself and our body. taking care of our body include skincare regime ,exercise , handle stress properly ,eating healthy and taking vitamins and so on.everyone has her on way,what matter is to start early.If you have not done so ,start now.nothing is too late. I have once read that wrinkle can be considered beautiful as it is a rememberance of what she have gone through in life and have a lot of stories to tell that we can learn from.People can take it as charisma .Perhaps that why some young man fall in love with older women. Its all a matter of perception as the saying goes Beauty in the eye of the beholder.


VanillaSeven said...

Lol, I love this

"There no ugly women ,just lazy one."

A sincere smile is worth thousand dollars make-up

Have a smiley day! :)

Jordan said...

Great points! I agree, we are busy and lot and many things can age us easily such as pollution and fast food. It is important to honor our body, no matter what our age and treat it with health and respect. It's never too late!

~ Anti Aging Skincare

anthony said...

nice articel..

Ayrton said...

Yup A little attention can go a long way towards helping us look better. Eating well is easy once you make it a habit.