Do You Follow These Tips to Treat Your Oily Skin?

Oily skin is a result of excessive production of sebum that is an oily secretion. It usually happens to individuals who have very active sebaceous glands. The excess oil on the skin makes it hard to inhibit clogging of the pores, as a consequence in accumulation of dead cells and hence formation of acne or pimples. Your looks can be spoilt because of it. Therefore, it is important to follow a good skin care routine to have a smooth, flawless, and glowing skin. There are a few factors that cause oily skin: • Hormone levels • Diet • Cosmetics • Heredity • Pregnancy • Birth control pills • Humidity and very hot weather Taking care of oily skin properly is a tricky process that needs a balance between eliminating adequate of the excessive oil to get rid of the problem without making a new one by eliminating too much and causing dry skin. Here are some tips how to treat your oily skin and restore fresh-faced balance, clean, and shiny to your skin: 1. Washing with Warm, not Hot Water It is essential to remove the excessive oils but not to remove them all. The soap that used with hot water will work easier to remove the oil and dirt from your face and accelerate the whole process and may direct to dry skin and flaking. Scrub your face gently should be sufficient to get rid of your oily skin problem without causing a dry skin problem in the process. Avoid scrubbing it too hard, as this can irritate the skin. 2. Use Mild Soap One washing per day with a mild soap should be adequate to get rid of the excessive oils while leaving enough behind to keep moisture and protect skin. Keep away from any soap that contain alcohol or harsh soaps to strip away oil. Your glands will instinctively replenish lost oil and will increase their oil production. This could create more health problems than existed with the oily skin. Try to get soap with all-natural ingredients such as olive, almond, or even avocado oil. All have deep-penetrating qualities that will refill the skin and help retain moisture. 3. Moisturizer and Sunscreen Choose non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic products instead, that are less likely to block your pores. You also can use an oil-free sunscreen with a minimum SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 15 when exposed to the sun. But, keep away from creamy moisturizers and sunscreens. Make sure they are oil free. 4. Oil-Free Makeup and Facial Product Choose powder-based products, or products particularly intended for oily skin, such as containing acne medication. These will work to remove the excessive oil and treat your pores simultaneously. But before applying makeup, use an antiseptic day cream with active ingredients that reduce sebaceous secretions. Don't use a lot of liquid-based foundation, eye-shadow, blush, or concealer. In addition, if you want to sleep while there is still makeup on your skin, don’t forget to remove it. Another reason why pores are blocked is the interaction of oil on the skin and chemicals in makeup. 5. Avoid Stress There is certainly a correlation between oily skin and stress. Androgens generate a lot more oil when you are stressed, busy, or anxious which unavoidably leads to oily skin. So always take the time to relax. 6. Natural Remedy A combination of cucumber juice with limejuice is an excellent remedy that should be applied on your skin half an hour before having a bath. You also may add a few drops of eau de cologne to the combination. This combination prevents development of acne and gets rid of excess oil from the skin. About the author: Gree Lya features excellent guides and tips about skin care: acne, regimen, obagi, herbal/natural remedies, anti aging, and facial treatment. Get free information at Make Your Life Better. Article Source: