Just Why Do You Have Oily Skin?

In a world where image is just about everything, more and more men are taking care of their appearance and as a result the male cosmetic market has over taken that of women’s in terms of sales revenue. But it is not just about looking after your skin there is a level of vanity involved. After all having a polished look does help you to be more attractive towards others, and your level of confidence has gone through the roof. And the image of looking good, also reflects a person having a healthy body and healthy lifestyle which are paramount in our fast modern world. However, when it comes to skin types, it is quite likely that a man is to have oily skin compared to that of a woman, and so men will generally have to deal with more oily skin related problems such as acne, spots and other skin blemishes. There are a number of reasons why people have oily skin and this can occur in various parts of the body, but not surprisingly the most common area is that of the face. The glands in the skin sometimes are overactive and as a result excess oils are produced. The natural oily like substance created by the skin is that called sebum. Any over activity of these glands tends to take place during any hormonal changes and so this is why you tend to see a lot of teenagers suffering from oily skin. But that is just one factor as to why oily skin happens. Other factors include diet, genes, poor skin care and even the weather. As you will be aware, oily skin brings with it spots, acne, blackheads as well as a very shiny face. If you are wondering why oily skin is prone to spots and acne, well it is that fact that the oil is essentially acting like a glue and therefore attracts more dirt and bacteria compared to other skin types. It is important that you start to control your oily skin from the outset, otherwise matters could much worse, and you do not want to deal with acne and oily skin, and possibly acne scars in the future. One other reason that men especially want to care for their skin and stop oily skin in its tracks, is because the skin is shiny, it looks dirty, and you could be mistaken for not having had a shower before leaving the house. Can you imagine that! However given the disadvantages of oily skin there of course certain advantages and the main one is that you will not age as quickly compared to someone who has dry skin that is more susceptible to wrinkles. And for this reason, this is why a lot of men do look younger than women once they get over fifty. You therefore need to all that you can to make sure that you obtain a natural balance for your skin in that it is not too oily and also not too dry. About the author: Get more information about oily skin http://www.livingtheslolife.net/?page_id=62 . Spend time learning about treating acne http://www.acnezinereviews.com/?page_id=38 and get some information on overall beauty care http://www.becomingyoga.com/?page_id=57 also. Article Source: http://www.Free-Articles-Zone.com


aybi said...

I totally agree with this article, Specially summer days, my face is just so oily. thanks for this info!