How to apply moisturizer.

  1. Clean your hands and face before applying for better ,hygienic absorption.
  2. Apply moisturizer to slightly damp skin,preferably right after shower or facial cleansing to lock in the moisture.
  3. Apply moisturizer into the face in an upward circulation motion.Do it gently to prevent pulling the skin.Do not over massage as it will stimulate the oil glands to work overtime
  4. Do not apply too much moisturizer on the T-zone as the oil glands there are naturally bigger and more active.
  5. Don't forget the neck.It "ages"faster than the face.

Basic Properties of mousturizer

Simply put ,a moisturizer is an emulsion of oil and water to minimise natural evaporation from the skin. A good moisturizer should suit your skin type,be easily absorbed and not leave a greasy feeling.Vitamins and antioxidants can also be added for greater benefits. Given our humid weather, a light lotion is usually enough against moisture loss.If your skin is oily, avoid using petroleum based products as it can clog pores by trapping perspiration.Watch for ingredients starting or ending with "ethyl",butyl and ene on the label and go for silicone-based products("cone") instead

Why you need Moisturize

Working in air-conditioned environments every day can wreck havoc on your skin.Moisturize at least twice a day and reapply when you feel the skin is becoming taut

Get the best way out of you facial by...

1.Splashing your face with warm water to open pores 2.Applying it to your fingertips and massaging it in with a small circular movements.Do not use too much force or you will push dirt deeper into the pores. 3. Rinsing lather off thoroughly by splashing water or with a soft wash cloth.Pat dry instead of rubbing your face in the towel to avoid tugging the skin

What Cleanser Do?

When you are clean and presentable ,some of your stress will go away.So be sure to have good cleanser Cleansers are primarily used to remove grime.However,you should invest in one which also help to get rid of dead skin layers that can block pores to cause pimples and blackheads Use a gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells and allow the skin to breathe.It will also promote blood circulation to give you a healthy glow and prepare skin to absorb any moisturizer you apply on later

Over-washing your face

Skin must maintain the proper PH level to remain healthy so over-washing will make your face dry and irritated,causing even more breakouts

Cleaning your face

Keep your face clean by washing it two times per day,three times at most.You must be very careful to avoid overdoing it.Also do not scrub your skin too vigorously when washing your face.Be nice to your skin . what is skin Skin is the largest bodily organ and the most visible one as well,comprising about 15% of the body weight.The skin consists of three main layers which is the epidermis, dermis and subcaneous tissue. With age ,skin naturally become thinner and less elastic.Collagen and elastin the `tissues` that keep the firm supple,become weaker due to the gravity and exposure to the sun`s ray and chemicals.This makes blemish and wrinkle more visible as we age.While we cannot turn back the clock,we can reduce the ravages of ageing with proper skin care. fast fact:You are likely to shed some 40 pounds of skin in a lifetime.