Cleaning your face

Keep your face clean by washing it two times per day,three times at most.You must be very careful to avoid overdoing it.Also do not scrub your skin too vigorously when washing your face.Be nice to your skin . what is skin Skin is the largest bodily organ and the most visible one as well,comprising about 15% of the body weight.The skin consists of three main layers which is the epidermis, dermis and subcaneous tissue. With age ,skin naturally become thinner and less elastic.Collagen and elastin the `tissues` that keep the firm supple,become weaker due to the gravity and exposure to the sun`s ray and chemicals.This makes blemish and wrinkle more visible as we age.While we cannot turn back the clock,we can reduce the ravages of ageing with proper skin care. fast fact:You are likely to shed some 40 pounds of skin in a lifetime.