Say 'No' To Aging - Anti Aging Secrets

We all have seen our grandparents and parents grow old and most of us protest against the idea of aging in the same ways they did. In fact, we look for safer, more convenient and medically sound way to live longer, empower ourselves, and remain healthy throughout life. We may refer to it as 'quality longevity.' The everyday choices that we make have a greater impact on us than genetics, which account for only one-third of what determines our health as we age. Hence, the quality of life is very much in our hands. Empowering ourselves for the future requires learning new skills as well as honing the ones we already have. Try some of these strategies to live longer, feel and look younger. Sharpen your mind: A sharp mind helps in staying fit. We're more inclined to have good relationships, eat well and live a healthy lifestyle with a sharper mind. Doing mental aerobics can improve memory and lower your risk for Alzheimer's disease. A recent study found that when we keep our minds active, brain efficiency increases dramatically, even after just a few weeks. Try different approaches to expanding your mental horizons, whether it's travelling to new destinations, learning a musical instrument, or going back to school. Stay mentally active through puzzles, games, reading and other stimulating hobbies, but be sure to train and not strain your brain. Cultivate healthy relationships: Socially connected people have longer life expectancies than isolated individuals. Cultivate intimacy with your partner since good sex makes for a longer life. Not only does it bring people closer together, it lowers blood pressure, reduces pain, promotes restful sleep and boosts the immune system so we are better able to fight off infections. Our ability to understand another person's emotional viewpoint and to express that understanding is the social glue that keeps us together. Reduce stress: We can't completely eliminate stress from our lives, but we can learn healthier responses to it. We all can try to minimise stress to live longer and better. You can do it in many ways. Like control clutter in your home. Get more realistic about how much you take on each day. Try eliminating just a few items from your to-do list. Regular meditation reduces stress and also boosts the immune system. Empower yourself with the word 'no.' Think positive: Optimists have a greater life expectancy than pessimists. Make an effort to see the cup half-full. Recent studies show that we can learn optimism when we set our minds to it. Discover your spiritual life. Attending a house of worship once a week is associated with a seven-year-longer survival compared with never attending. Take care of your needs. Satisfied people are twice as likely to survive compared with dissatisfied individuals. Manage your environment: Our environment has a big influence on how we feel and how long we live. Whether it's traffic, noise, or other aspects of the environment at large, or more personal environmental issues such as aesthetics or bedroom temperature, our 'quality longevity' requires that we not only adapt to these influences but learn to shape them to meet our individual tastes and needs. Bear in mind function and aesthetics when designing your home and workspace. Manage your technology to avoid information overload. About The Author Michael Douglas is a beauty expert and the webmaster of which investigates all aspects of aging - from psychology to make-up.