ways to manage stress

Quite time--allocate alone-time,to appraise,reflect and reevaluate your life`s goal.Slow down, instead of running around for everything without aiming anything. Relationship;nurture and enjoy them .Learn to listen more and talk less.At the end of life ,everyone leaves behind memorise (good or bad) Sleep well ,with a firm mattress and supportive pillow.A good night`s sleep is a good beginning for the day.Avoid keeping late nights. Treat yourself once a week with a massage,dinner out,the movies;Moderation is the key.Celebrate small success and achievement. Understand things from other`s point of view-and you will end up with more Friends who can buffer you against the stresses in life. Verify information from the source before exploding.This will prevent unnecessary and unintended stress. Worry less.Worry does not get things completed better or quicker,nor add another day to your life.Focus on today-and what you can do about making it better. Xpress.Learn to express feelings appropriately instead of bottling them up.Good communication is always a great way to prevent built-up tension and sudden discharge of emotional distress. Yield to others-example learn to give way.It is not necessary to win all the time;;it is often very stressful and lonely to always be at the top Zest for life.Each day is a give.Smile and be thankful that you are a part of a bigger picture


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Good content! It relieve my stress.